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Exercise 1 Fill in my, your, his, her, our or their: 1. She has got an umbrella. They have got a computer.

He is … brother. She is … sister. We have got an uncle. He is … uncle. She has got a brother. We have got cousins. They are … cousins. You have got a pet. I have got grandparents.

They are … grandparents. Exercise 2 Finish the sentences. I want those copybooks. Please give … to … 2. He wants the book. Please give … to … 3. She wants the pencils.

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Please give … to … 4. I want the key.

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Please give … to … 5. They want the cassette-recorder.

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Please give … to … 6. We want the chairs. Please give … to … 7. He wants the rubber.

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Please give … to … 8. She wants the money. Please give … to … 9. They want the umbrella. Please give … to … She wants those clothes. I want to see your family album. Please show … to … We are eager to meet your husband. Please introduce … to … He slimming sanctuar paradigm mall eager to have a hedgehog. Please buy … for … We are eager to meet your fiancé.

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Please invite … to … They are eager to meet your half-sister. This is … brother. That is … sister. Those are … parents. Is he … brother-in-law? Are they … step-parents? Are we … slimming sanctuar paradigm mall Is his daughter … cousin or second cousin? How old is … grandmother? Is … step-mother kind and polite? Is she … half-sister? Do you know that girl?

Do you know that boy? Do you know those pupils? Do you know me? Do you know her brother? Do you know my parents? Do you know his ex-wife? Do you know my siblings? Do you know my great-grandchildren? Exercise 6 Fill in the gaps with the correct possessive pronoun: 1. This is Liz with … husband Philip. This is Ann and John with … children. This is John with … wife, Ann. This is Mark with … brother, Michael. This is Ann with … brother, Michael.

These are Diane and Robert with … parents. These are Liz and Ted with … grandparents. These are Bob and Margaret with … great-grandchildren. These are Fred and Helen with … grandchildren. These are Jack and Grace with … step-parents. Exercise 8 Finish the sentences according to the model: Model: He gives me his pen and I give him mine.

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I give him … dictionary and he gives me … 2. I give her …encyclopedia and she gives me … 3. He gives me … magazine and I give … … 4. We give her … diary and she gives … … 5. I give them … record and they give … … 6.

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She gives us … phone number and we give … … 7. You give him … address and … … 8.

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We give them … letter and … … 9. They give you … umbrella and … … Have you got?

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Has he got? Has she got? Has it got? Have we got? Have they got? We … many aunts and uncles.

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Pete … a big family. They … many cousins. He … a father and a mother. You … a step-brother. He … no brother, but he … a sister.

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She … no nephews. His fiancée … many blood relatives. I … a niece. I … a sister-in-law. Yes 1. Yes 3. Yes 5. No Have I got a niece? Yes 7. Yes 8. No Yes Exercise 3 First say and then write questions and answers as in the example: Model: What has Jim got? He has got a sister, a guitar, a car, an aunt, a house. Ea are un ceas de mînă nou.