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Have you bravely tried to count calories and ate food that you rev metabolizer fat burner in the hope of losing a few pounds that came to haunt you back a few weeks later? You don't need to do it anymore: we have finally discovered the Sirtfood diet.

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Sirtfood diet is probably one of the biggest trends these days. Most weight loss diet programs are associated with muscle loss while also losing weight. The purpose of the Sirtfood Diet is to make you lose weight and burn fat without experiencing muscle loss and weakened bones.

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It is designed to assist you through your weight loss program and give you an in-depth understanding of how the SIRT Diet works to improve your general wellbeing, help you to build resistance to numerous health-related issues, and live longer. This book centers on the discovery of classes of foods advocating healthy eating habits and lifestyle.

It contains various kinds of foods like kale, walnut, buckwheat noodles, chicken, salmon, parsley, celery, red onions, dark chocolate, red wine, and many others you wouldn't expect.

  • 13 Slăbire ideas in | nutriție, alimentație sănătoasă, mâncare
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These foods are full of components that activate what is known as the skinny gene Sirtuins, which in turn revs up your weight loss. Sirtuins are a type of protein involved in regulating essential processes such as metabolism and cell repair.

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You will learn: How to follow the Sirtfood diet? The basic and essential principles you n

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